I don’t have a day planner in my product line. Can you create one from scratch for me?
Absolutely. This is our specialty. Let’s talk!

I already have a beautiful day planner in my product line. Can you update the dates and holidays for me each year without changing the design?
Yes! Leave those details to us. We’ve got you covered.

I want to design my own day planner, but am looking for some advice and/or feedback. Do you offer consultations?
We sure do. In a coaching session, Heather will guide you in the right direction based on her years of experience in the industry.

I have a planner design in mind, but don’t know how to use InDesign. Can you take my ideas and complete the layout for me?
Yes, we’ll help you create the product of your dreams.



What is your proofreading process for day planners?
Each year we fine-tune our process for efficiency, but the standard has always been to perform at least two rounds of proofreading, with a different set of eyes for each round. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we have started to move away from proofing printed pages, but not all projects are well suited for digital, so we sometimes use a combination of the two.

I’d like to update my own files. Can I get proofreading services à la carte?
Yes. We can take your PDFs and run them through our proofreading process. Files will be returned to you with our edits marked in the PDF document. Once you have made the edits of your choosing, send us an updated PDF for your next round of proofreading.

Do you offer proofreading for anything other than day planners?
Of course. Day planners and calendars are our specialty, but we also love to proofread websites, blog posts, newsletters, catalogs, line sheets, etc. Have something else in mind? Just ask.



Should I be concerned about quality when using an overseas manufacturer?
Not if you are working with us. Our factories produce beautiful, quality products for top brands in the industry. Quality control is always our main focus. With every new project, we order multiple samples before heading into production. You will get to critique each sample until we’ve reached perfection. Then you will review production samples before shipping. We make sure everything is just right before it gets in the hands of your customers.

How does shipping work?
Our overseas production service is all-inclusive. When we produce goods in one of our factories, shipping to the port of NY or LA is always included in the price. We handle all shipping logistics — including customs clearance and duties fees! Your goods will be shipped to the port of NY or LA (whichever port is closest to your final destination) and you will be responsible for ground shipping from there.

Can you ship to a port other than NY or LA?
We currently ship to these two ports only.

I found a manufacturer on my own. Can I hire you to handle shipping only?
We do not offer shipping services à la carte, but we do have some helpful information for you in our Free Resources and on the blog.